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Cockatoo Scarf/ Sarong


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Crafted with care in Melbourne and graced with the artistic touch of Orenda Joy Green, this exquisite scarf takes its place among the treasures of our This Land, Our Home collection.

Our beautiful scarf is incredibly stylish, unbelievably soft and so versatile. Wear as a scarf shawl, sarong, belt or wrap it around you to keep you warm on a long flight. It is a fabulous piece of art that wraps around your body.

Elevating this accessory to a realm of wearable art, the scarf becomes a canvas that elegantly envelops your form. Designed for both aesthetic pleasure and functional comfort, it finds its origins in Melbourne and is lovingly fashioned from organic cotton and bamboo, blending luxury and sustainability.

With dimensions of 110cm x 130cm, this scarf offers ample coverage for your creative styling endeavors.